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Information Technology: Now is the time for freelancers and specialised agencies

The following is a guest post of David, content manager of Twago Europe.

According to the latest data from twago; the market leader for online outsourcing, IT experts are in demand like never before. What the latest figures show is that projects that required the assistance of expert IT services rose by 430%. This figure represents a five-fold increase on the previous year. This trend is positive for the programmers and developers working in the new digital economy, as it underlines the financial opportunities for them that exist within the market.

When talking about projects, this refers to all the online projects carried out thanks to outsourcing collaborations with freelancers and specialised agencies. If we want to discover the features of outsourcing that are driving the digital revolution, we must first observe the fact that whilst once only large companies could enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, nowadays outsourcing is a viable alternative to working for every kind of enterprise.

A few years ago it would have been extremely difficult to find a freelancer for your project. Today, online mediation platforms offer every type of company the chance to outsource certain tasks and projects to specialised experts. This has been an important turning point in fortune for the freelancing community in particularly for countries that are experiencing an economic downturn such as Italy. Medium and small-sized companies play a major role in the Italian economy and being able to find freelance experts on a flexible basis through outsourcing is far more preferable than having to hire fixed-position staff on a long-term basis.

On the other hand, the web economy can only be successful if it has enough skilled freelancers, specialists and experts. This is because companies will only use outsourcing for their specialised IT projects if they can find the highly-qualified and highly-trained workers they need. However outsourcing grants these companies a lot of access to the dynamic solutions they require. After all, an agency that works with a global roster of clients, offering a diverse range of skills, can be considered a more flexible and forward-thinking company than a static, traditionally structured IT department that can still be found within companies. Freelancer and agencies are therefore the backbone of the digital economy and they can bring their considerable range of skills and experience to a whole host of projects.

Which skills are you talking about?

The various programming languages (Html, Java, Php) and web design options are by far the most requested skills from international outsourcing platforms. Besides these, there has also been a rise in demand for skills in developing and operating Content Management Systems (WordPress and Joomla), confirming once again the importance for businesses to offer content to their customers via different online formats. There have also been interesting developments in the mobile world. For instance, the rise in demand for Apps projects, whether for iPhone, iPad or Android, shows just another example of the creativity and vibrancy of the digital economy.

Author: David from twago, Europe’s largest online freelancing platform specializing in the fields of programming, graphic design, web design and business services.

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