Via Marconi 20, Bussolengo (VR)

A new layout easier and more spacious

In the last days we have spent a bit of our time to do a full redesign of our website and our blog.

The result is what you are looking while reading this article.

Specifically, the innovations we introduced in both the theme of the blog and the web site are:

  • Wider layout splitted into two columns also for the website
  • Blog contents with more space, which is very useful when showing code snippets
  • A wide and straight header that shows the key points of each page
  • A wider footer with all our references and the latest posts from Twitter (on the site, even the latest blog post)
  • A slider both on the homepage of the blog and the web site that visually sums up (at least in part) what we do
  • The “portfolio” page completely redesigned
  • The “about us” page with a more dynamic look

From a technical standpoint the site has been rewritten using Ruby on Rails 3.0.5 and jQuery while the blog engine is always the  well proven WordPress.

Do you like the new design? We are waiting for your comments!