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Spring, time for restyling

Spring is arrived so we decided to make a full restyling of the DevInterface Blog.
From now new design is online and with it we also have made some upgrades.

We think that the old theme was too dark and not so readable so we have adopted a more bright color combination based on green and white.

Credits: Peregrino Will Reign - Flickr

We also have noticed that by showing full posts in the main page we forced readers to scroll down too much for see previous posts. So we’ve decide to truncate posts in the blog index page showing only an extract from each one.
Yes, now to read a full post you need one more click, but we hope, in this manner, to offer you a more complete vision of blog posts.

Obviously, we made upgrades not to design only.
We have made a wordpress upgrade (to the latest version) and so we did for the plugins.

Finally we switched to the CodeColorer plugin because we like the syntax highlighting styles it provides and his semplicity.
And code now is more readable, isn’t it?

You know, we have just made all this change, so maybe you can found some bugs or broken links. If it happens, feel free to tell it us with a comment in this post or via email at info[at]devinterface[dot]com.

But we also like any suggestion or comment about the new template.
Do you like it? Or do you prefer the old one?

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