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ToDo Marriage: how to plan your wedding from home

ToDo Marriage is the newest DevInterface's app that allows you to organize the perfect wedding: it includes the creation of an online wedding list, it allows you to send invitations to your friends and family and to choose the seats for your guests at the restaurant's tables.

Wedding is a wonderful event in the life of two people, characterized by happiness and unforgettable memories. For this reason that day have to be perfect, and this requires a huge work of organization: ( you have to create a wedding list (and set up your honey moon), you have to contact all your guests, reserve the restaurant and manage the tables layout together with a lot of other things.

Unfortunately, with the hectic life that many of us are facing nowadays, what should be the pleasure to plan the best day ever in your life, could turn into frustration: time isn't too much and you could let some great ideas escape.

Thanks to ToDo Marriage though, we can immerse ourselves completely into the marvellous experience of planning our wedding without that being a problem for our everydays life.

Let's see how.

organizzare un matrimonio

Plan your wedding everywhere you are

While you're planning something have you ever wanted to find a solution to a problem so hard but you can't do it? Often the right idea comes when you're doing all other things, and you risk to forget it if you don't immediately write it down. the same thing always happen when planning weddings: that's why, thanks to ToDo Marriage's Cloud tecnology, everytime you get a new idea you can write it down on your smartphone wherever you are (ToDo Marriage is accessible via browser with pc, tablet and smartphone). When you arrive at home you'll find it directly on your PC and you can modify it with calm: you only have to log in into the platform in your reserved area. You'll be then able to create your spouses profile, adding texts, pictures and videos.

Manage the wedding invitations

Usually guests are a sore point: you're may be not sure about who to invite or you're afraid to forget someone. ToDo Marriage helps you keeping a guests list, and when you've decided you can tell them the news just with one click. At this point they will have their profile on the platform and they'll be able to confirm attendance, see all your publications and they'll have acces to your wedding list.

Create an online wedding list

lista nozze online

ToDo Marriage will allow you to make a list with all the links to your favourites products in online shops, or you can use it as a traditional wedding list or use it just for your honey moon, you only have to choose the presents you like the most and all your guests will be able to see them and have a clearer idea on your wedding presents.

Create a personal wedding website, choose tables layout and manage the budget

We're keeping improving ToDo Marriage's app, right now we're developing new functions. You'll be able to create and personalize your wedding website, insert your pictures, your stories and your videos. This will contribute to keep your memories fresh and clear and will allow you to share them on all social networks.

sito per matrimonio

Other very important things are the chance to choose the tables layout, the budget management and the list with all the things that have to be done, which we're developing now and will be available very soon.

There are two different version of the app: one for normal users and one for travel agencies and shops (with advanced features such as the possibility to create and manage more weddings at once).

What do you think about ToDo Marriage? Do you have any suggestions? Which functions will you add? We really appreciate your kind support.

Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

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