Via Marconi 20, Bussolengo (VR)

We are launching Gruppi Emergenti

It's coming the time for publish online Gruppi Emergenti, the new music portal that offers a showcase for the bands, performers and live music venues in Italy.

The website is completely free, and allows you to create a page for your band or for your club and to publish your own live music events.

Through a localized search you can find all the upcoming events (live, concerts and so on) for a given period and in a given area.
Google Maps integration also allows you to visually locate events and live clubs.

Registered users can receive every week a list of scheduled events for their favorite groups or locals with a personalized newsletter.

Gruppi Emergenti has also a notice-board for people who is searching instruments, musicians and courses.

It is also integrated with major social networks so users can publish the events created on the site directly on the profiles and pages of Facebook and Twitter.

The official launch is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20.

All users already registered during the presentation of the site lasted from March 1 to April 15 will receive their credentials to access by e-mail address immediately after the publication.

In addition, from all registered users, we extracted four winners of two months of free advertising on the portal.

You can see the list of winners in the picture below.

The winners will be contacted by email in the next hours with all the details for the publication of advertisement.