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Welcome to DevInterface’s blog

Hi all.

This is the first introductory post for the DevInterface’s blog and we would like to make an overview of the main arguments that we’ll deal over time.

So, we’ll use this blog as a communication point between us and the readers, and we hope to provide lots of interesting arguments.

We plan to provide tutorials, tips, snippets about the main technologies we’ll work on.

We’ll show our projects, we’ll describe our opensource works and the roadmap to DevInterface.

We talk about Roadmap to DevInterface because, as you can see in the main site’s pages, we are independent professionals/employee and the DevInterface is a side project for now.

This because find jobs and customers that economically sustain us isn’t so easy, so DevInterface will be a reason to make our job better.

So, we hope you’ll follow our blog, making it a landmark for all us developers.

The DevInterface team.