Online Quotes

Design and development of this web application.

It is a web application that, using a simple, functional user, allows you to create, manage, print, and share quotes. There are several actions that can be performed by Online Quotes, both in the context of preparation of the budget and afterwards, to answer a new customer request.

For example you can:

  • Edit budgets;
  • Duplicate estimates;
  • Send two variants of the same budget;
  • Add extra services and discounts for each product;
  • Add to quote the annexes and notes / tips;

Of course it's kept track of all the quotes made. It is possible for administrators to update the catalog of products added in the estimates. The products are marked with a code and have a short description, plus an indication of price and delivery times. In addition to the products catalogs there are also installation voices, for adding the workforce to the quote.

When you load a setup item you can choose among 4 different VAT calculations:

  • VAT at 22%;
  • VAT at 10%;
  • VAT at 4%;
  • VAT count for restructuring (10% Labor, 10% of the material up to the equivalent value of the workforce and 22% of the value of the excess material);

With Online Quotes you can get the complete customization of the budget, as well as speed up and improve the compilation operations. The application is optimized for desktop and tablet.

Online Quotes

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