ToDo Marriage

Design and implementation of the platform for the creation and management of online wedding lists.

The services offered aim at both the travel agencies and the bride and groom: the tool to create the wedding list allows agencies to charge gifts and receive payments, guests to make donations and spouses to add products and keep up to date on ' trend of the list.

For spouses the application includes the opportunity to create your own wedding website, featuring rich and comprehensive photo gallery, descriptions, information, and opportunities to interact with the guests.

Also, are available to users convenient tools for organizing better their wedding:

  • The "ToDo List" allows you to monitor all the activities and deadlines with reminders that keep you informed on all things to do.
  • The "Budget Management" allows you to administer the sum foreseen for the wedding taking note of all the expenses and comparing quotes.
  • With "tables, invitations and wedding guest" you can decide the tables disposition, send invitations and keep track of confirmations.

ToDo Marriage allows mobile access, tablet and PC.

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