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Maintenance, Consulting, Training

Software Mantainance

Software update

Constant updating and optimization of your application. Performance and UX / UI improvement of your software.

Corrective maintenance

Bug fixes and troubleshooting of existing applications. Analysis of system performance and usability.

Evolutive maintenance

Evolutive maintenance on web applications developed with Ruby, Python, Node, GO, React technology.

Consulting Services

Do you have a software project to manage?

We provide a CTO to follow your project and development team.

The fastest way to grow your company and your start-up.

Do you want to integrate your development team?

Our staff augmentation service allows you to build, scale and manage a team until the completion of your project.

We can provide you with different professional figures such as CTO, Project Manager, Web and Mobile Developer, UX/UI Designer.

Training for development team


For over 10 years we have been providing our IT know-how to customers and development teams to support them in achieving their goals.

Web and mobile technology

Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to lead and train development teams on web and mobile technologies.

Best practice

We start by defining best practices and analysing case studies, and then work with the team on the specific case.

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