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API development

We develop and integrate APIs to meet business needs, simplify and make code reusable, and foster interoperability between applications of different types.

Backend / Admin

We design and implement backend applications and administrative panels for online management. We design customised solutions to digitise business processes.

System Integration

We integrate even pre-existing services and software with third-party interfaces. All this is done in accordance with development and design best practices.


We create distributed solutions with microservices architectures


REST API design for data exchange between distributed systems


We use the power of GraphQL to optimize interactions between frontend and backend

JWT Token

We develop authentication systems based on JWT tokens

Message Broker

With message brokers such as RabbitMQ or MQTT we manage exchanges and routing of packets between applications


We integrate third-party APIs to add extra services and features to applications


We code in NodeJS, Ruby, Python, GO, each time choosing the most suitable language


Depending on the needs we use relational databases such as PostgreSQL or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB

Interface design

We design and implement web and mobile interfaces to enhance the user experience and make interaction pleasant and intuitive.

Modern frontends

We develop both web and mobile frontend apps with the latest technologies including React, Vue.js and Angular, Flutter, React Native.

Solutions for every industry

We implement frontend solutions for e-commerce, websites and web portals, mobile apps and customised platforms.


We create React based frontends when we need to integrate with GraphQL API


We take advantage of the versatility of Vue.js for small and medium complexity applications


We develop enterpise applications based on the Angular framework


We design frontend interfaces optimized for different devices


We take advantage of Flutter's programming speed to build mobile apps for iOS/Android

React Native

We create reliable and stable mobile apps for iOS / Android thanks to React Native


We take advantage of Bootstrap's speed to create html pages optimized for each device

Tailwind CSS

We use the Tailwind CSS framework for its versatility in html page design

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