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Why Django is the best choice for web development in Python

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Sooner or later, the time comes for most developers to create a web application. They can either create the platform from scratch or use certain frameworks that make the work process much easier and faster.

Django is the right choice for all Python developers who are looking for a framework for creating a CMS, complex web application, API or ecommerce.

Django is a high-level web framework (backend and frontend) used to intuitively create efficient and attractive web platforms. It is based on Python, one of the most popular programming languages for developers. It is therefore also easy to learn.

In this article, we will explain why Django is the best choice for web development projects in Python in 2020, starting with the advantages of this framework.


The advantages of Django

There are many advantages to using Django over other frameworks. Here are some of them: 

  • Development speed: Django was created to make web application development fast to programme. That is why various libraries are available, so you do not have to build the product from scratch or waste time developing something that already exists. In fact, the framework already offers a lot of functionalities: it is a batteries included framework.
  • Security: Django is the framework to rely on when it comes to security. It can protect your website or application from most attacks: SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking and many others. Moreover, updates are very rare and you can therefore count on the tool's great stability.
  • Scalability: Django can be used for any type of project and offers excellent scalability, which makes it easy to manage the increase in traffic on the application. 
  • Backend and frontend: Django lends itself both to the realisation of monolithic applications and to the realisation of REST or GraphQL APIs.
  • Great for Data Science and Analytics: Django is based on Python, a programming language known for its use in AI development and machine learning. It is therefore ideal for integrating a project with Machine Learning or performing any Data Science task in it.
  • Community support: there is a comprehensive and well-managed documentation of Django, which also has a large community for support in case of errors or problems.
  • Extensible: the community around Django has developed a number of opensource projects from which to easily build CMS (DjangoCMS) or ecommerce (Saleor)


Why Django is the best choice for web development in Pytho

Certainly the previously mentioned advantages of Django such as its speed, security and scalability already make it clear why it is the best framework for web development in Python. But let us add another set of valid reasons:

  • Stable and proven: Django is an exceptionally stable and reliable web framework, and is the best choice for building applications that need stability over the long term
  • Python-based: Python is a high-level programming language whose syntax supports simplicity and readability. Python's transparent and easy-to-understand code makes the programming process faster, saving time and money.
  • Feature-rich: the framework consists of various add-ons that can be used to develop great structural functionality in a mobile/web application. 
  • Open Source: Django is a completely free and open source web framework. It supports many open source development-ready libraries and provides long-term support for major releases. 

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