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Python / Django Development

Python, together with Ruby and Node.js, is the programming language we use the most to develop our applications. In contrast to Ruby, which is very flexible and elegant, Python is a more solid and efficient language, suitable for long term projects.

Python has been conceived in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum and has become one of the main programming languages used academically. The framework we use to support our developers in the creation of projects and to simplify the coding process is Django, created by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison in 2003.

A series of reasons to understand which are the benefits of Python and Django and the reason we chose them as a mai developing tools.

  • Despite being an open source programming language Python is also simple and powerful
  • It requires to solve a specific problem in one way only.
  • Search for possible bugs is easy and simple.
  • Applications developed in Python are strongly stable.
  • Python has a very active community, especially among academic circles and Linux users.
  • There are many applications developed in Python, like Pinterest, Instagram and Mozilla Firefox.

Our projects with Python


Web Platform

Evolution of the ticketing platform for the Italian multinational company

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