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Development with Astro

Astro is an open source JavaScript framework for building static websites and was created to simplify the development process, improve website loading speed and user experience.

Among the unique features of Astro are its template language, agnostic-free nature and client-side performance. The markup language of Astro aims to make the process of creating web pages more straightforward, while its ability to integrate with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as React offers greater flexibility to web developers and allows them to develop high-performance static web pages using the development tools of their choice, without compromise.
Finally, Astro also stands out for the high performance offered on both the client and server side, thanks to the use of advanced rendering techniques.

Thanks to its high performance, simplicity of development and state management, coupled with its compatibility with other tools and services, Astro thus presents itself as a truly flexible, efficient and easy-to-use solution for static website development.
For those who wish to improve the performance of their website, simplify the front-end development process and have a secure site in their hands, the framework is definitely the right choice.

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