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Native mobile app development with Flutter

Flutter is a mobile SDK meant for designing high performance and high-fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS, using a single code base. With Flutter we develop our native mobile apps on iOS and Android.

It is based on the following four key concepts: fast, beautiful, productive and open. First, it is fast because it uses SKIA, a graphics rendering machine, so its apps render over 60 frames per second. Second, it is beautiful because everything in Flutter is a widget, which is customizable, meaning that you have full control over your application’s design. The third pillar is productivity and related to the stateful hot reload, which allows to make changes on the code and seeing them on the application in real time. Finally it is open as it is entirely free and open source.

At DevInterface the different sets of widgets we have available ensure a complete customization of mobile apps and a very fast processing at the same time.

Mobile apps created with this framework are completely Native, both in terms of performance and look & feel. Furthermore, the expressiveness and versatility of the Dart language contribute to a fast and stimulating development.

Our projects with Flutter


App Mobile

DAApp: a comprehensive tool for dermatology patients complete with profiles, questionnaires, visit and medication tracking, with a user-friendly design.


App Mobile, Web Design, App

Real-time notifications of your projects.

 logo everylog

Dravet Italia

App Mobile, Web Platform, Web Design

Development of a mobile app for recording epileptic seizures related to Dravet syndrome

CSV Verona


The website for Verona's volunteer organisations certified with the ethical label

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