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React Development

Our reference framework for the development of modern and captivating frontends.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies and can be used as a foundation in single page or mobile application development.

Thanks to its simplicity and capabilities on a business stand point it has been used by several companies like Facebook, Instagram, The New York Times, Dropbox and IMDB among others.

React’s most important advances are the emphasis on components, one-way data flow, the Virtual DOM, JSX, and architecture that extends beyond HTML.

As it is based on reusable components together with an easily debuggable code the development is very fast, making it really appreciable. Furthermore, libraries such as React Apollo allow us to take full advantage of the potential of API GraphQL.

React is therefore a must for building complex frontend applications.

Our projects with React


Web Platform

M&E Plan: Coopi's project activity tracking and reporting system


Web Platform, Website, App Mobile

Creation of the web platform for the important Italian publishing promotion company


App Mobile, Web Design, App

Real-time notifications of your projects.

 logo everylog


Web Platform, Brand Identity, Web Design

Social Telling is the online platform with which to draw up your organisation's social report.

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