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Creation of the web platform for the important Italian publishing promotion company

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The client

PDE srl, a company of the Feltrinelli S.p.A. Group, is a company founded in the 1970s that represents one of the most important publishing distribution companies in Italy.

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The development of apps that automate the creation of book presentation events and enable the sharing and archiving of internal documents.

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Event management app

We developed the event management app that allows publishers to upload content (covers and others) and define events related to book promotion. Confirmed events are visible on the institutional website.

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Document management app

We have implemented the document management app in which administrator users can upload various documents such as calendars, coupons, reports and forms. In addition, they can decide which types of users can access them through permission management.

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A book a day

In addition to the web applications, we created on the PDE website the section 'A book a day', with books recommended by the editorial staff.

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Website maintenance

Our work on the maintenance and evolution of the institutional website continues.

Event management app development

  • Microservices architecture to divide the system functionality into independent services, facilitating management and scalability.
  • For the development of the services, we employed NodeJS as the execution environment for the backend.
  • For the frontend, we used the React framework, which offers efficient user interface management.
  • Database MongoDB offers flexibility and scalability, adapting well to the storage needs of media content and documents.

PDE rollout development

  • Microservices architecture to ensure modularity and scalability of the system
  • NodeJS was used for backend development, ensuring high performance and efficient handling of requests.
  • For the frontend, we continued to use React, ensuring consistency in the user experience between different applications
  • MongoDB database to efficiently manage large volumes of data
  • Mobile apps in React Native to ensure a consistent user experience across iOS and Android devices

Other works


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Social Telling is the online platform with which to draw up your organisation's social report.


Web Platform, Advertising, Website

The new website of Acustica Vecchini, a leading company in the audioprosthesis sector

ISU Services

Web Platform

Development of the online booking platform for student room rentals in all Italian universities.

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