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M&E Plan: Coopi's project activity tracking and reporting system

The client

COOPI is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) active in 33 countries around the world, engaged in the implementation of development and emergency projects.

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The objective

The client, Coopi, needed an effective system to track and report on its project activities in order to improve management, monitor progress and ensure transparency towards donors and stakeholders.

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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)


The M&E system developed has several key functionalities:

  1. Authentication and secure access: implementation of an authentication and access system using JWT tokens, ensuring security and controlled access to the platform by authorised users.

  2. Project objective planning: possibility of defining project objectives with sub-objectives, activities and indicators. This functionality allowed a clear definition of the objectives and expected results for each project phase.

  3. Project Management:

  • ITT Plan area: allows the visualisation of objectives and the updating of indicators and expected results, with automatic recalculation of the expected total. This area allows detailed planning of activities and evaluation of ongoing progress.

  • ITT Progress area: provides a visualisation of objectives and indicators, allowing the input of actual results on a monthly basis. It automatically calculates total progress, variance and project status values, providing an up-to-date overview of performance.

    4. Monitoring area: This area allows the read-only display of data from the ITT Progress area and enables free fields to be filled in for annotations on analysis, problem management, etc. It offers users a tool to constantly monitor project activities and intervene promptly in case of anomalies or challenges.

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The M&E system was developed using the following technologies:

  • Ruby on Rails: used for back-end development, providing a robust and scalable architecture for data management and business logic.

  • React: adopted for front-end development, offering an intuitive and responsive user interface for accessing and visualising data.

  • PostgreSQL database: used for data storage and management, ensuring consistency and reliability of information.

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