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Agile Development

We create your web and mobile project following the Agile development methodologies, agreeing with you on the operations to be carried out and delivering a working product within the pre-established time interval.

Working methodology

Our working method is based on the principles of Agile Development:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Answering changes over following a plan


From an operational point of view, the first step for the realization of a project is the analysis of your idea. We establish with you the features that produce value for the end user and what are the objectives to be achieved.

For new projects, we offer our clients four free hours of consultation, to learn about our working method before entrust us an assignment.

The second fundamental step is the definition of the project functionalities in terms of “user stories” together with the relative time estimation and priorities.

User stories allow you to provide realistic information on costs and development times, focusing attention on the objective of the product and eliminating any features that do not create value.

The next step is the beginning of the development phase, which will take place iteratively following the guidelines of the Scrum methodology.

Each interactions is structured as follows:

  • We develop starting from the most important functions: we establish with you the “stories” to be implemented based on priorities.
  • Close collaboration: we work with you to transform your ideas into code, adapting them to changes quickly and efficiently.
  • We release a working application every time: at the end of each iteration we show you a potentially deliverable demo of the software created.

We repeat this process for as many iterations as necessary to complete the project or until you are satisfied with the software produced, even if there is still some unused budget left.

Advantages of our method

  • Full control: You are in control of the project. You can define the features that can be implemented, based on your budget and time.
  • Change Management: at each iteration you can request changes to the features created, add or remove user stories, change priorities.
  • Progressive payment: you pay at each iteration for the development of the delivered working software.
  • End of the project: at the end of each iteration you can consider your objectives satisfied and stop the development even in advance of the estimated time and budget.
  • Sources in the hands of the customer: the source of your application is delivered to you at the end of each iteration.

Programming languages

The programming languages and frameworks we use the most in our development processes are Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, Node.js/Express.js.

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