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Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby, together with Python and Node.js, is the programming language we use the most to develop our applications. As it is a very flexible language, Python allows you to find different solutions for a specific problem, helping to understand which is the best performing solution.

Ruby has been conceived in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto and is known for its elegance. Ruby on Rails, created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2005, is the framework we use to support our developers in the project creation and to facilitate the coding process.

There are a number of points to understand the advantages of both Ruby and Ruby On Rails and why we have chosen them as main development tools.

  • Ruby is an open-source programming language suited for projects which have to be always updated to the latest technologies.
  • Using the MVC principle (Model-View-Controller) you can deconstruct data, logic, appearance and user interaction, in order to divide them in specific intercommunicating areas.
  • The modules for integration with third-party systems are constantly updated, in order to be always available in a very short time.
  • Being a very readable code and for the most part self-documenting, the developer can take over a project that has already started quickly.
  • Is based on Convention over Configuration approach: by following a few simple conventions, you can minimize the product configuration files, while speeding up development times and reducing costs.
  • Ruby has a very active community worldwide: this means having a vast library of high quality open-source code available.
  • The are many apps developed in Ruby. Here are some of the most known: Twitter, Basecamp, Github, Shopify, Groupon, Airbnb.


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