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Social Telling is the online platform with which to draw up your organisation's social report.

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The client

SiSociale is a social enterprise founded in 2003 that deals with corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Its main tasks are training, reporting and certification.

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The customer's request concerns the need for a software that allows the complete and fast realisation of the annual social balance sheet (which has become compulsory by law) of the individual associations of the Third Sector. 

The platform contains a large amount of different data, while maintaining a simple and clear management system. 

The management system is specially designed for associations and cooperatives that want to have complete control over all data, day by day.

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The solution

After an initial analysis phase, we have developed a cloud-based software for the client that collects the organisational data necessary for the compilation of a social report, such as governance and human resources data.

Within the Social Telling software you can monitor all activities, analyse individual data and enter important milestones in the history of your organisation. Once the social report has been created, it can be printed directly from the platform.

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During the development of the software for SiSociale, we implemented following technologies

Ruby on Rails as a development framework for creating the software backend, ensuring speed and efficiency in development.

React for the development of the user interface, enabling the creation of a dynamic and responsive user experience.

PostgreSQL as the main database for data management, ensuring robustness, reliability and support for the complex query operations required to handle large amounts of different data.

Sidekiq for process queue management, ensuring efficient and scalable processing of background operations, such as sending notifications or generating reports.

KPI indicators

We implemented the dynamic performance indicators (KPIs) of the individual organisation in the different areas.


We implemented the generation of the social report for printing with dynamic content management.

For each chapter and section there is the possibility to insert indicators and graphs, thus achieving extreme clarity and ease.


The Social Report software also benefits from special data collection systems that allow simple and effective graphic structures to be developed in order to represent it in the best possible way.

A predefined graphic layout is already available for associations and co-operatives that want to print the Social Report directly.

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