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Real-time notifications of your projects.


EveryLog is a mobile app that provides an easy way to be notified of all important application events through notifications.

Perfect for all your projects

With the same registration, you can send events divided by project. You can send notifications to a group of users within a project.

Brand identity

We designed EveryLog's Brand Identity by creating a graphic and content ecosystem consistent with the functionality and objectives of the service.



For the backend development of EveryLog we used:

Go to ensure high performance, scalability and efficient handling of requests.

MongoDB as the main database for managing the app's data, ensuring flexibility and scalability for EveryLog's data storage needs.

React logo


The technologies used for frontend are:

React for the development of the user interface of the mobile app, so as to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience.

Flutter for the development of the mobile app, enabling the creation of a cross-platform native app with a single code base.

Bootstrap to ensure a responsive structure and consistent presentation of content across different platforms.

Other works


App Mobile, Web Platform, Website

Creation of the web platform for the important Italian publishing promotion company

Club 41

App Mobile, Website

Mobile app to connect members of the association, which has branches all over Italy


App Mobile

DAApp: a comprehensive tool for dermatology patients complete with profiles, questionnaires, visit and medication tracking, with a user-friendly design.

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