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Innovazione tecnologica di Move: passaggio a microservizi per il mercato tedesco dei pagamenti.

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The client

Move is a start-up company operating in the German cashless payment industry. Its mission is to provide a new perspective on financial management by creating a secure and seamless payment experience that enables individuals and companies to easily manage their transactions on the move.

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The objective

The main objective was to implement a microservices architecture that would guarantee development speed, performance, reliability and security. Initially, the app development was started as a Spring-based monolith, but this approach proved to be unsuitable and the transition to microservices became necessary in order to meet the market's growing demands for growth and innovation.

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The start-up began with an external development team, but lacked the in-house technical expertise to fully understand the work and faced delays in promised releases. The core architecture, on the API side, was initially based on a Spring-based monolith, which made it difficult to manage and evolve the system. 

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Development side, the following were carried out:

  1. Redesign of the API architecture: the first initiative was the transformation of the architecture from a monolith in Spring to microservices using Nest.js. This approach would have improved the modularity, scalability and maintainability of the system. 
  2. Evaluation of developers' skills: an in-depth analysis of developers' skills was performed to understand the technical decisions made. This allowed the team to adapt to the new technological requirements and ensure a smooth transition. 
  3. Team change: the need to adapt to new technologies brought about a change in the team, with a focus on developers with specific skills on Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Rabbit MQ, Flutter and Angular.
  4. Implementation of specific technologies: 10 Nest.js microservices were implemented, using five PostgreSQL databases and a Rabbit MQ broker. In addition, two mobile apps were developed in Flutter and two web apps in Angular to ensure a cohesive user experience across different platforms.
  5. Iterative development management: Iterative development management was adopted via sprints, ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement, as well as adherence to deadlines and product quality.

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To meet the challenges of growth and innovation, Move implemented a set of advanced technologies that improved system architecture and operations. The technologies used were:

  • Nest.js to create modular and scalable microservices, improving maintainability and speed of development.
  • PostgreSQL as a relational database to ensure efficient and secure data management, distributed over multiple instances for greater reliability.
  • Rabbit MQ implemented as a broker for message management and to facilitate communication between the various microservices.
  • Flutter to develop the mobile applications, providing a consistent, high-performance user experience across different platforms.
  • Angular to build the web applications, ensuring a robust structure and a responsive, modern user interface.

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