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6 reasons to redesign your website

website redesign

Even if the world of web design is constantly evolving, as trends come and go, there are still signs that your website needs to be revamped. It is in fact not only the appearance of your site that counts. An outdated site can have a significant impact on traffic, search engine optimisation and even revenue. We present six valid reasons why it might be time to redesign a website.


1) Your site is not mobile-friendly or responsive

While mobile-friendly websites are nothing new, it is now more important than ever that they are also responsive. Smartphones are the preferred and most used device, just think that according to in 2022 the average time spent on mobile phones was 5 hours per day. It becomes clear in front of this content how important it is that the user experience reflects this. Non-responsive pages, poor design and dysfunctional mobile elements will only drive users away, in fact, it is very likely that they will never return.


2) Low conversion rates

If the main purpose of your website is to generate sales and contacts and you cannot do this, then something needs to be changed. Test the path to checkout. Is it too complicated or full of obstacles? Or has a heat mapping tool revealed that users keep abandoning at the same point or have difficulty reaching important pages? If your user interface has an impact on conversion rates, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the design to see how it can be improved.


3) Your website no longer reflects your brand

When a brand has evolved to such an extent that it is no longer mirrored by the current website, a disconnection can emerge between the image the company wishes to project and how it is actually perceived by users. This can threaten brand consistency and negatively affect the reputation and trust of users. It is therefore time for an overhaul. Generally your website should show everything there is to know about your company because for many users this is their first interaction with your brand, so first impressions are crucial.


4) Your website traffic is consistently low

The number of visitors to your website can have a lot to do with its design. If the content of your site does not meet the needs of users, this will affect your organic ranking. An outdated website with a poor user experience will lead to a high bounce rate. If you fail to attract and keep the attention of your users, they will probably remember you for the wrong reasons.


5) Performance is very slow

Because we spend most of our lives online (the average time spent online in 2022 was about 6 hours and 37 minutes per day), we have high expectations of user experience. A slow and complicated user experience creates great frustration among users and may even lead them to abandon the site. Long loading times can also have a negative impact on search engine optimisation (SEO), so it pays to have a fast and easy-to-navigate website.


6) Site does not keep up with competition

You probably already have your eye on the competition, but if you find that your website cannot keep up or that your competitors are far ahead with their offers, a new website is definitely needed. Maybe you still have loyal customers on your site, but when a new user compares you with the alternatives on the market, you want to be at the forefront.


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