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Behind the scenes of DevInterface: our team

DevInterfrace team members

Behind every line of code, every project realised and every success achieved, there are the creative and passionate minds behind DevInterface and in this article we introduce you to the very beating heart of the company... the team. 


The in-house team 

Matteo - The wizard of codes

Fullstack Developer

With seven years of experience working here at DevInterface, Matteo is not only one of the team's veterans, he is also our guiding star when it comes to coding. Experienced on the backend in Rails and NodeJS, and also proficient on the frontend with React/VueJS, Matteo is our code charmer who turns ideas into digital realities.


Marco - The polyhedral of code

Fullstack Developer

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Marco is the team's veteran and brings with him extensive knowledge. Experienced in React/VueJS frontend and a CSS wizard with Bootstrap/Tailwind, Marco is also a backend expert in Python/Rails/PHP. When he is not creating digital wizardry, you will occasionally find him tackling user interface design.


Loris - The Django expert

Backend Developer

Loris came to DevInterface over a year ago and quickly became our Django/Python guru. With his deep knowledge of the backend, he is the mind behind many of our most solid and reliable solutions.


Cristian - The creative behind code

Web Developer

Cristian joined Dev over a year ago and brings freshness and creativity to our team. With his background in the backend with golang/Fiber and the frontend with React, he is always ready to explore new ways to improve our solutions.


Enrico - Our fresh new voice

Web Developer

Enrico is a newcomer to our team, having started working at DevInterface this year right after graduating in Computer Science at the University of Verona. He brings with him an infectious passion and a fresh perspective on the development world.


Alessandro - The design visionary

Web e graphic designer | Digital marketing specialist

Alessandro is our creative genius, the brain behind the design of many of our solutions. With his experience, he transforms our ideas into engaging and intuitive digital experiences. Over the years within the company, he has overseen several graphic design, communication and marketing projects, dealing with both the analysis and operational side.


Cristina - The user experience wizard

UX/UI Designer | Digital marketing specialist

Cristina brings a unique perspective to the team by applying her skills of over 7 years in digital marketing and 3 years in UX/UI design. With her keen eye for detail and passion for creating relevant user experiences, combined with her strategic vision in digital marketing, she is our UX/UI wizard.


The external team

Ettore - The backend master

Backend Developer

Ettore is a constant presence in our external team and has been working with us for three years. With his backend expertise, he takes care of the development and maintenance of existing and production software. With his skills in Python and Node, Ettore is essential to ensure that our applications are robust and perform well.


Roman - The fullstack wizard

Fullstack Developer

Roman is a key member of our external team, leading international projects with his extensive experience as a Fullstack Developer. In addition to contributing code using Python, Node and Rails, Roman offers support in setting up new infrastructure and releases, ensuring that every project is flawless from start to finish.


David G. -  The Master of Functionality

Fullstack Developer

With his talent in fullstack development, David G. has earned a prominent role in our external team. For the past couple of years, he has been passionately dedicated to developing and supporting apps in Ruby on Rails, implementing new features and updating existing applications. His work on Angular and Node.js adds an extra dimension to his versatility and value for our projects.


David N. - The mobile genius

Mobile Developer

David N. brings his experience in the world of mobile development to our external team. For the past six months, he has been working with dedication on Flutter, taking care of platform updates and ensuring a flawless user experience on mobile devices. His knowledge and passion for mobile development is reflected in his commitment to achieving high quality results.


Eric - The mobile expert

Mobile Developer

Having one and a half years of experience in the external team, Eric stands out for his expertise in mobile development with Flutter and native Android applications. He actively contributes to the improvement of our mobile solutions, making sure they are state-of-the-art and meet the needs of our customers.


Peter - The development and testing magister

Web Developer e Tester

Peter is a valuable member of our external team, with one year of experience in the role of web developer and tester for DevInterface. He takes care of development in Rails and carries out testing for both web and mobile applications. His attention to detail and precision help to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.



Behind every successful project, there is always a team of talented individuals working tirelessly to achieve the set goals. Whether it is our close-knit in-house team or the brilliant professionals in the external team, the contribution of each and every one of them is indispensable in advancing our mission of innovation and quality.

Each team member, with their skills and dedication, brings unique value to the table, collaborating synergistically to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals. We are grateful for their commitment, creativity and collaborative spirit, which are crucial to DevInterface's continued success.