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EveryLog: the app to effectively manage your projects

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Interaction has become an important part of the internet. E-commerce companies try to keep users on their online platform for as long as possible in order to trigger an action on their part, which can be the purchase of a product or a request for specific information. The challenge every company faces is that users absorb the content and interact with it. 

Even in a development team, interactions are important as they can have an impact on release objectives. Especially in IT consulting, projects change at short intervals. Therefore, teams constantly encounter new professional and technical challenges. The tasks are usually very complex. Appropriate teamwork is therefore a key success factor, especially in the development team.

What is EveryLog? What is it used for? 

EveryLog is an app that allows you to receive instant notifications on your phone.

We provide an API Key to allow you to call up and use the functionality of our service. On your end, a POST request is all you need to be notified of all events of interest to you.

You can use any programming language and, once you have filled in the mandatory projectId, summary and body fields, you can insert tags, an external link and set up push notifications. 

We are currently launching the BETA version of our app so please note that any improvements and bugs will be fixed in the process. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester you can get in touch with us by clicking here

Why should I use this app for my company?

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Using push notifications can help your team and your company take a step towards your goals. Depending on the defined goal, you can use the notifications in a precise way. 


Are you an ecommerce manager?

With notifications you have the possibility to know in real time whether your customers have performed specific actions or whether potential customers have contacted you. By setting up notifications you can find out if your customers have taken specific actions, without having to go to the relevant section individually and wasting valuable time. 

An example of actions you can monitor with notifications are:

  • purchases

  • newsletter subscription

  • creating a new account

  • completed orders

  • info requests

  • release reviews 

  • social media comments

  • sending emails


Are you a developer?

In a good team effort everyone knows how they can contribute to the overall goal. So maximising workflow efficiency is essential. Why not do this by setting up precise notifications that inform you of important actions without forcing you to take time away from your work to check and write manually? 

An example of actions that can be monitored with notifications are:

  • deployment phases

  • the presence of errors

  • internal notifications

  • resource monitoring


Need help setting up push notifications or still have questions about EveryLog? We will be happy to help you with the set-up of notifications. If you wish, we can also develop your own web application. 

For more information, we recommend our web development page.