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Logo design and advertising

logo design e advertising

Every day, we are bombarded by logos. We find them on our clothes, on cars, on phones, on roadside billboards—practically everywhere we look. So what exactly is a logo, and why is it important in advertising?

A logo is a company's symbol, name, or brand and is used because it represents a concise image of the company. In fact, an image can say much more than a thousand words. In general, people recall images more easily than words. Our eyes are attracted by visual objects, and a well-designed logo adds visual appeal to printed documents and web pages.

Logo design is a challenging area that shouldn't be undervalued within graphic design and that can give great satisfaction. The true challenge lies in taking an idea or concept and transforming it through a symbol or typography part.


Why is a logo important in advertising?

As logos are a crucial part of a brand's identity, they are also used in advertising. You'll have noticed that in all types of advertisements, whether online or on TV, a company's logo always appears, and it's no coincidence. This is why logos are important in advertising; they:

  1. Show corporate identity.
  2. attract consumers attention.
  3. Build brand trust.
  4. Maintain brand coherence.
  5. distinguish you from your competitors.


1. Showing corporate identity

If the public sees your company's logo in an advertisement in which you talk about the product or service you are offering, the consumer will connect the advertised product or service to your company. Even showing a logo at the end of an advertisement helps make a connection between the problem you have already talked about and the way in which your company is engaged in solving it.


2. Attracting consumers' attention

The use of a well-made logo for all your advertisements exposes the brand and will, over time, increase its recognition in the sector. Furthermore, if your logo has a captivating design and you combine it with an inviting advertisement, you will certainly attract the public's curiosity. People love discovering and trying new brands, so get in the game and let the world notice you.


3. Building trust in the brand

Incorporating logos in advertising will help build trust in the brand over time. The more people see your logo in advertisements, the faster they will get used to your brand. It's important to be coherent because you want the public to be familiar with your logo. People watch advertisements and base themselves on logos, especially when they cannot instantly speak out a company's name.


4. Mantaining brand consistency

One of the advantages of using a corporate logo in advertising campaigns is that it sends a coherent message across all your channels, both online and offline. Sometimes, you do not have enough time to create an elaborate advertising campaign. What you can do is create an advertisement with a few elements: text, a coloured background, a captivating image, and your corporate logo. You can also use your logo to create something creative; therefore, a versatile logo can have many different scopes.


5. Distinguishing from the competition

A logo is like a fingerprint: unique and radiated in the company's DNA. While some symbols are associated with particular sectors, you can create a different logo that attracts more attention. For example, if you have a tech company that includes the name of something tangible, you can create a logo with that symbol, therefore attracting people's attention.


A good logo shows who you are, your values, and what you bring back to the industry. It must be simple, pleasant to the eyes, and able to communicate an idea, a principle, or a description. Designing a logo for your company is decisive and only one of many steps related to the creation of your brand identity. If you want to know more about the steps to creating a brand identity, we recommend you read "Brand Identity: five essential aspects". 


Are you looking for someone to work on your brand's identity? Would you like to revamp your logo or aspects of your graphics that are currently unconvincing? Contact us, and we will work out the most appropriate solution to highlight your company's values and identity.