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Our SaaS boilerplate is open source

After 2 years of development, we open sourced our SaaS boilerplate.


We are thrilled to contribute to the open-source community: after so many years of using open-source libraries, we finally give back a helpful product.


StarterSaaS is a complete saas boilerplate, where you can choose between a Golang API (gofiber) or a Node API (express) and a common React SPA. APIs are interchangeable: you can use either without changes on the react spa.


We implemented all common SaaS features, from account registration to payment handling, by including all annoying 3D secure features. Moreover, you can choose to switch between a full API version or rely on Stripe Customer Portal.


The product is ready for production and has already been used in 3 SaaS:


Check out to get additional details on the product and remember to start the repositories on Github: 


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