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The importance of Mobile Apps: DevInterface takes care of it


Mobile Apps are constantly evolving and innovating: thanks to the more frequent use of smartphones, the app market is constantly growing, trying to meet the needs of increasingly demanding users. Given the increase in mobile devices, companies also need such processes that can guarantee greater automation.

But what characterizes a successful app? Speed, immediacy, safety: these are the elements necessary to meet the needs of the end user, quickly and effectively. Apps, nowadays, are preferred for their immediacy and for the experience they are able to offer.

Mobile App for Business

In this regard, business apps are becoming an emerging trend for the business sector, given the continuous changes in purchasing processes and the market itself. Having them means guaranteeing momentum in terms of growth, well-being and increased sales. The goal is to find everything they need in the shortest possible time and with a certain simplicity.

Already most companies are oriented towards having a mobile app that can lead them to be and feel at the forefront from a technological point of view, with the consequent increase in the value and visibility of the brand.

Investing in an application created ad hoc for your company is one of the best solutions you can find to keep up with the times: thanks to them you can streamline the internal processes of a company, how to interact with customers, set up machinery, compiling records, managing a warehouse, making hotel reservations and much more, if not all.

What else can it do? It can be linked to your company website, be constantly updated with new content, send special offers or promotions to the customer, help you with digital signatures, send you notifications and much more.

Telefono con app





Our dedicated services: how can we help you? 

We at DevInterface will accompany you from the idea to the complete realization, studying the different users stories (The flow of the best information and the business model), creating the design and developing an optimized and rapid structure.

We create native apps, which can be designed for iOS and Android, downloadable directly from the App Store or Google Play. This type interfaces with the mobile operating system in the most complete way. In this way, you can take advantage of all the functions of the device by integrating and enhancing them, such as access to the camera, geolocation, the pinch-to-zoom function and more.

We use languages and frameworks such as Flutter and React Native

  • Flutter: with this language we ensure complete customization of the app and rapid processing. The apps are totally Native, including performance. The expressiveness of the Dart language makes development fast and stimulating;

  • React Native: is a Javascript library for the development of user interfaces. The development is fast, because it is based on several reusable components, moreover it boasts a large community of developers, for this reason the framework is constantly updated and optimized.

To create a Mobile App that works, you need experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector and programming languages.We are also specialized in the development of different types of App: for research and development services, consultancy, commercial, medical, banking and much more. You will need a team like ours to make sure your project runs perfectly.

If you want to create a Mobile App for your company please let us know, contact us.