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5 social media campaigns that will amaze you

5 social media campaigns that will amaze you

What is a social media campaign and why is it important?

A social media campaign is part of an organised marketing plan and has the scope to increase awareness, interest and customer loyalty towards a specific organisation, brand, product or service through the use of social media

Therefore, social media campaign have to be scheduled according to a specific strategy, aimed at a specific public and have measurable results. 

There are several social platforms on which companies can launch campaigns, and it's common for companies to use more than one channel: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter e Reddit. 

There are many reasons why integrating social media marketing solutions into one's business marketing plan  and would certainly deserve a separate discourse. Certainly with constant digitisation and technological growth, social channels continue to be an effective tool (if used correctly) to grow your online business through:

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Promoting your products or services

As for the 2020 social campaigns, it was not easy to choose the best ones because, besides being an impactful year in every sense, today's campaigns are extremely innovative. However, we decided to skim the vast choice to 5 specific campaigns, which we tell you about now. 

5 social media campaigns 2020 that will amaze you

1) Netflix - Wanna talk about it? 

Copertina Instagram volto ragazzo con barba e berretto e testo post Netflix campagna Wanna talk about it

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With this campaign launched last summer, Netflix has found a new way to connect with its users, while at the same time offering help in social terms. Already the title of the campaign suggests the theme: Wanna talk about it? (literally: 'do you want to talk about it?') wants to put people in touch with mental health experts to ask questions and share their problems, all through the launch of an Instagram Live series. 

A choice on the part of a brand that is truly useful for people and at the same time brilliant for creating long-term brand-loyal customers. And finally, a demonstration of a company that has already started on the path to one of this year's big digital trends, namely the creation of meaningful conversations and taking positions on social issues by companies.

If you are interested or know people in need who need help, you can look directly at the dedicated website:


2) Getty Museum - #GettyMuseumChallenge

Getty Museum Challange istruzioni su Twitter dalla pagina ufficiale

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Surely you must have happened to see some original impersonations of famous works of art during the 2020 lockdown. Well, this did not come about out of boredom or to pass the time, but for a very specific reason. With the forced closure of museums and galleries, the world of cultural heritage and art has not given up but has moved online. Towards the end of March 2020, the American Getty Museum launched a real online challenge: after looking at the collection on the site and choosing a favourite work, users were invited to recreate it using only 3 objects that they had at home. As you can imagine, this challenge gave rise to the most original creations including cutlery, animals, children, poses and various utensils and actually created a lot of traffic on the website.

This is a marvellous initiative that also directly involved artists and that has naturally also arrived in Italy and has been collected in a book in which you can see all the ironic and imaginative publications of the participants. The book in question is entitled Off the walls: inspired re-creations of iconic artwork.


3) Ikea catalogo

Bacheche profilo Ikea su Pinterest

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You too would have leafed through it at least once in your life... the iconic IKEA catalogue. After 70 years since its inception, you will no longer be able to pick up the 200 or so printed pages of the catalogue from your mailbox, because it will no longer be produced. A greener step that once again demonstrates the brand's focus on social-political issues and also on digitisation. In fact, the brand did not limit itself to the digital version on its website, but rather transferred the paper version to Pinterest, thus trying to extend the life of the catalogue. The result was a shoppable version based on a questionnaire integrated into Pinterest to understand user preferences in order to create customised user boards or product recommendation boards. Pins in the programme were linked to product and catalogue pages on the Ikea website.

A truly fruitful collaboration between the famous multinational and the social platform Pinterest that has brought great results. Finally, a very clever way to make the most of the social channel that relies most on the visual aspect.


4) Burger King - Moldy Whopper

Foto metà burger ammuffito senza prodotti artificiali e metà normale trattato con prodotti artificiali

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Who said that in order to publicise healthier corporate choices one has to go the traditional route? In fact, Burger King did just that with its 2020 'Moldy Whopper' campaign, which aimed to announce an end to the multinational fast food chain's use of artificial colours, dyes and flavourings on Whopper burgers. To do so, they documented the amount of mould that grew on their burger over a 34-day period, sharing the result on social media. The unsavoury image was shared in both photo and time-lapse video format, managing within a few hours to capture the attention of 50,000 people who expressed their disgust through comments. At least 60% of the mentions were ultimately negative.

Although it was not a conventional way to advertise, it worked for two reasons:

  • it was a great success in terms of coverage and total engagement (2 million views, 21 million impressions).
  • they delivered a big blow to their main competitor McDonald's, who had been publicly shamed for not changing their burgers in over 20 years.

This campaign showed that for some brands all advertising, including risky advertising, can be good advertising.


5) Unieuro and the offer that comments itself

Pubblicità unieuro social media manager commenti

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Since last December, Unieuro has been doing a lot of talking, not so much for the products as for the originality and creativity of the marketing campaign undertaken. It all stemmed from a publication originally designed to promote a TV offer with the classic slogan 'an offer that comments on itself', were it not that the social media manager actually commented on the same publication in Unieuro's name with phrases that echoed the classic offhand comments of many users. The result? The publication soon went viral, causing engagement, shares and even traffic to skyrocket, becoming an industry case study. On sales we don't know, but certainly the brand has received and is still receiving a lot of attention from the public, amused by this type of content reminiscent of Taffo's ironic style.



And here we come to the end of this article. Are you still wary of the role social media can play for your business? The examples of social media marketing campaigns above prove that social media continues to be a great way to promote your brand, engage your target audience and ultimately increase sales as well. 

Whether through content that touches on important issues, authentic engagement, beautiful images or user-generated content there is a group of people out there waiting to interact with your brand. Don't keep them waiting... and if you need solid support in managing your social channels or advertising campaigns contact us.