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7 reasons to rely on a web development agency

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Nowadays it is very important for companies to have a solid technological partner who takes care of the development and maintenance of their web platforms.

A development agency offers certainties that a single professional or do-it-yourself solution certainly cannot provide. Both in terms of optimization of web application performance and continuity in the work carried out.

Let's look specifically at some important reasons why a Software House is indispensable for complex web projects from a structural point of view and ambitious from the point of view of business results.

1. Complete service

Relying on a web agency for your project means centralizing communication between the parties. There is thus less waste of time in the production and reception of messages and tickets and less "background noise" in the transmission of instructions and information.

In addition, a web agency makes use of various professionals, essential to the success of the project. The CTO, who studies the best technological solution to develop the software, the project manager, who acts as a link between the customer's requests and the work of the team, the backend and frontend developer, who deals with the development of the platform in terms of aesthetics and functionality, the web marketer who sponsors the product.

For each project, of course, different professionals can be needed: the graphic designer, the social media manager, the SEO manager and so on. Only a structured web agency can provide this type of services all together.

2. Consulting and analysis

A Software House with several completed projects behind it has the experience of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a project, advising the customer on the best solutions and strategies to adopt.

He also has the listening skills necessary to fully understand the client's needs, both present and future ones (which sometimes not even the client himself knows and knows he has).

Finally, it is essential to recommend business solutions, implement functionalities in the best possible way, create the graphic design and the entire software architecture.

3. Customizations

One of the greatest strengths of web agencies is certainly the fact that they can implement unique and customized solutions, according to the client's needs.

These customizations, which very often translate into integrations with other software and the development of advanced features, make web platforms better both from the point of view of user experience and from the point of view of performance.

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4. Monitoring and maintenance

A web development agency is able to constantly monitor the web platforms it has created through tickets, automatic messages, push notifications, and automated emails.

This is combined with a high speed of intervention as regards maintenance: there is always more than one developer on each project, to ensure the continuity and quality of the work performed.

5. Safety

Web agencies use security protocols aimed at preventing the loss and theft of data, blocking of the functions and services offered. A "hole" in security risks frustrating all the work done up to that point and causing serious damage to the companies involved.

Keeping your platforms safe is the most important thing for a Software House. For this reason, analysis, testing and monitoring are activities to be done in a constant and precise manner.

6. Flexibility

Even in moments of crisis, a web agency can respond positively and with the necessary flexibility. The working method and the very structure of the agencies allows this.

To always be flexible and respond constructively to external stimuli, it is essential to follow the Agile methodology.

When meeting unexpected and urgent needs (such as new unplanned features), the important thing is to always keep the platform maintainable and scalable.

A tactical and strategic work that only a software house can ensure on the web.

7. Cost

As the seventh and last point we put the cost: yes because, as we said at the beginning of the article, those who try to get by in the digital field often get burned and hurt.

Believing to save money, you risk investing time and money in web projects that don't work the way you want, or don't work at all.

In order to try to put them in place, in the end, you have to spend more than an agency can ask to develop the same projects.

Whether they are management software, administrative platforms, accounting and billing applications, a web agency completes the work and completes it well.


We have seen seven reasons why it is important to rely on a web development agency. They are not the only ones, but they are certainly among the most relevant.

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