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Analysis: things to do before creating your app

When you have a new idea, it is best to implement it as soon as possible to avoid someone else doing it before you. But even before implementing it, it is good to take a few moments to ensure that it can be competitive in the market. 

Sometimes, unfortunately, doing things in a hurry can ruin even the best of ideas. Whether you want to develop your app on a mobile platform, desktop or both, the first thing to do is to start with some best practices together with your developer partners. Let's delve into them together.

Feasibility Analysis Cover


Requirement and Feasibility Analysis 

The first thing to do is to understand whether the development of the app is profitable for you and your partners: the feasibility study helps to understand whether the app will pay off by defining the expenses and technical efforts that the developers will incur. If the study is successful, the software requirements are defined. Here at DevInterface we use the Scrum methodology and Agile development, so the requirements will be called user stories.


Scenario analysis

At the end of the previous step, a market analysis will have to be undertaken: you will have to understand who your competitors are, how they operate online and offline, what elements you want to differentiate yourself from them with. Secondly, you will have to identify a precise target group whose needs your app will be able to satisfy. At this point, all that remains is to identify a communication strategy to reach this target group in the best possible way and create value for them. This is a very delicate phase as it can make the difference between the success or failure of your project.


App type selection

Once we know the type of people we are going to serve with our product, we need to identify the type of app best suited to this audience. This involves deciding whether we will develop software for desktop, mobile or both. 


User Interface and User Experience

The time has come to design the actual experience: what do you want your customer to feel when using the app? How do we make that experience the best possible? You will have to give guidelines to the developer so that he is able to develop a graphic design in line with your needs. You will also have to find a compromise between creative choices and what will help make the app easy to use, so that it is not too trivial but not too complicated either.

Only when this process is complete can we start with the actual development and writing the lines of code.

What do you think? Have you also developed an app following this process? Do you know realities that have been successful by skipping this step? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading the article.

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