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Chatbot: innovative tools for companies

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Used by companies to interact with users, very often in the very important first phase of communication, Chatbots are software based on artificial intelligence that simulate conversations within websites, e-commerce and social networks.

Continuously evolving programs, developed to try to replicate the entire human cognitive process of language. Although distant from this result, Chatbots are very powerful tools available to companies. In some ways, by now, indispensable.

Why Chatbots are important for a company

Chatbots in recent years have gained increasing importance in internal and external communication of companies. This for a series of qualities that are typical of these programs:

  • They lighten and speed up the business workflow, with fewer resources used in tedious and repetitive tasks;
  • They interact with multiple users at the same time;
  • They allow user segmentation and an in-depth analysis of conversation data;
  • They facilitate the user experience;

How Chatbots Are Used

Chatbots are being used more and more often in the delivery of digital services. And if you don't pay attention (and if the Bot is programmed well) it is sometimes easy to think that you are communicating with a human being instead of a program!

The areas in which Chatbots are used most are certainly:

  • In Customer Care their use is truly massive. And it could not be otherwise, given the ability of Chatbots to give the right information at the right time, in a clear and "courteous" way;
  • In customer acquisition, especially in the world of e-commerce. Based on interests, personal tastes and previous purchases, Chatbots accompany users on their path to purchase services or products;
  • In sending personalized content to the user, in order to create engagement, build loyalty and keep them ready for purchase. Very useful in this sense to have users subscribe to Chatbot, in order to be able to send them content and information on a regular basis;
  • To do lead generation, with Chatbots programmed to collect contacts and messages from new customers;

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Our Chatbot Creation Service

We develop custom Chatbots to meet every business need. We easily integrate them with the different systems used in companies: websites, management, apps, social networks and more.

An advanced A.I. allows our Bots to be fast, flexible and precise in communicating with users. Furthermore, our software is designed to be scalable, so the Chatbots we create can be upgraded: features can be increased and artificial intelligence can be improved.

The technology we use to develop them

We develop our customers' Chatbots with Node.js. Node.js is the perfect programming language for this task, as it supports instant messaging and it's easy to create your own APIs. It also has lightness and portability.

Contact us if you are interested in our Chatbot creation service!