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Create your e-commerce

come creare un e-commerce

Let's dispel a myth right away. Selling products online is the future? Probably not. Why?

Because online commerce is certainly the present!

Today, companies must be able to sell their own products online. They have to create their own e-commerce.

The road to opening new earning possibilities in 2018 is the following. 

Who says otherwise is committing a severe mistake, probably fatal to its commercial activity.

In the future we'll be able to talk about the Internet of Things and AI technology. Without a doubt.

Ma ora la cosa migliore che puoi fare per il tuo business è creare il tuo sito e-commerce proprietario, caricare i tuoi prodotti e promuovere il tuo shop online.

The best thing you can do right now for your business is to create your own e-commerce, uploading your products and advertising your online shop.


Why should you create your own e-commerce?

Creating your own e-commerce is something completely different from selling your products on big marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay.

Do not exclude your presence on these players, but remember that marketplaces should only be considered as extra sales channels in which to position yourself and not the ultimate solution for your online business. 

A proprietary e-commerce allows you to have independence and freedom of action, which , if used well, leads to great results, both in terms of traffic and in terms of website conversions

Developing a proprietary e-commerce allows you to earn more, but it also leads to the management of new online activities that require time, expertise and budget to invest.

In fact, with proprietary e-commerce, you don't have to only worry about the creation but also the maintenance of the platform through the creation of content, online advertising, newsletters, SEO activities. 

Creating a proprietary e-commerce and managing it in the best possible way allows you to:

  • have more control over the whole supply chain
  • distinguish yourself from competitors
  • create a satisfying purchase experience for your customers
  • provide value to your products and your activity
  • avoiding intermediaries


Which KPIs to monitor for your e-commerce?

Ma quali sono gli Indicatori di Performance (Key Performance Indicator in inglese, i famosi KPI) da monitorare se gestiamo un sito e-commerce?

Which are the key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor when managing e-commerce?

Here are some you should keep an eye on:

  • Return on investment, ROI
  • Annual growth
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate
  • Acquisition cost per customer


If the above-mentioned KPIs are positive, it's a good sign.

It needs to be underlined that the KPIs to monitor are much more, which to focus upon depends on the kind and size of your business. 


How to optimize your e-commerce?

L'ottimizzazione di un sito e-commerce è un'attività importantissima per il tuo business online.

Optimizing e-commerce is an extremely important activity for your online business.

Start by fixing goals to achieve, conducting a/b tests on your e-commerce pages and on online advertising campaigns. 


Based on the data analysis, choose the most performing solution and further improve it.

  • Fix objectives
  • Conduct a/b tests
  • Analyse KPIs
  • Optimise


Come creare il tuo sito e-commerce?

To create, maintain and optimise your e-commerce rely on professionals who advise and support you in the various activities. 

We at DevInterface provide a customised e-commerce implementation service, here it is point by point:

  • Definition of goals, keyword and competitor analysis, target segmentation
  • Web development and e-commerce platform optimisation
  • SEO on page activities, advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, newsletter service



Example of an e-commerce site 

These are some images of an e-commerce demo for a winery.

These screenshots are useful to get a first idea of what an e-commerce site created by our web agency might look like.


ewine demo homepage ecommerce

The homepage is simple and clean, with offers and products highlighted. The home is completely customisable, from images to menu items to featured products. 


ewine demo categorie ecommerce

The category page highlights products complete with image, name and price. A filtering panel allows the internal search to be refined and facilitates user navigation.


ewine demo prodotti ecommerce

The product page presents the individual goods for sale in detail, as can be seen from this image.


ewine demo promo

With our e-commerce creation service you have a lot of options at your disposal so that you can have to chance to group different products, add promotions and detailed sheets.

If you want to see another e-commerce example we created visit, a furniture e-commerce that is expanding quickly.

If you want to deepen the topic and are interest in opening your e-commerce contact us!