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DevInterface's 2022 review

Devinterface 2022 copertina

A fulfilling 2022

2022 was an important year at DevInterface, not only for our team, but for all the companies that rely on our services to build their business. Before the start of a new year, we would like to look back at the most significant moments of this 2022 and see what we have achieved.


35 customers and 39 projects

We followed 35 clients by completing 39 projects in the following areas:

  • creation of comprehensive e-commerce and integration with our customers' applications
  • development of apps focused on design and user experience 
  • creation of fully customised online management software based on our customers' requirements
  • development of complex microservice architectures


Fractional CTO and Team augmentation

We were called upon to participate in an international project by first helping the company follow a technological direction with our Fractional CTO service and then also involving the development team through Team Augmentation.


The team is expanding

Our team has grown further with the arrival of two new internal developers and the collaboration with five new external developers.


Technology stack

Finally, we continue to pay great attention to the technologies we use in our projects. With the arrival of 2023 we will follow several new standards, especially on the frontend side.


What's new for 2023

We cannot tell you everything that will come with the New Year, but we can tell you in advance that we have a lot of new things in store, including:

  • a major update of EveryLog, our app that allows you to receive instant notifications on your phone. 
  • the release of a new version of MenuClick24, the service that allows you to create digital menus designed for people working in the restaurant industry.
  • the launch of a series of new internal products that we are working on. 


We wish you a Happy New Year!