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7 advantages of using open source software to create your apps

Today we will see what the advantages are for your and our company in developing software with open source systems.

Some time ago, we talked about the history of open source and how it goes hand in hand with the development of the Internet. As you well know, at DevInterface we use open source software such as Ruby On Rails, Django and Python to develop your apps because we believe they bring many benefits both to us as developers and to you as our customer. 

But what are these advantages? Let us see them together.
Cover 7 advantages of open source software

The software is free

This allows us to distribute our products at a lower price than our competitors while maintaining high quality standards.

Open source systems are constantly evolving

Community developers continuously update open source software, making major improvements that enable us to continuously enhance and optimise your apps.

Community developers constitute an advanced crowdsourcing system

The contribution of resources from a very large community of passion-driven developers is the workhorse of the open source approach: without it, you would not have such powerful and technologically advanced software. At DevInterface, we try to make the most of it to guarantee you perfect products.

Fewer bugs

There are many more eyes watching over the code being programmed, which means that people in the community are more efficient at finding bugs in the system as well as eliminating them in a very short time.


Another peculiarity of free software is that it can be modified: if we need to develop a particular function of an app, we can go and modify the software to suit our needs, so that we are able to meet any of your demands.


Open source software allows for more effective collaboration with business partners since standard formats and procedures can be adopted, not limiting like those of some proprietary software.


Thanks to the reviews of community developers, we can always know if there are problems with the system regarding bugs and security and when they are fixed, and thus act accordingly.


Obviously, all these advantages have a positive impact on the final product we deliver, allowing us to create solid, state-of-the-art solutions.

Do you think there are any additional advantages or disadvantages to developing apps from free software? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading the article.

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