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DevInterface 2021: a year in review

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2021 was an important year for DevInterface. After an unusual 2020 that brought us the start of a pandemic, changes in our approach to how we work and a number of great satisfactions related to our work projects, 2021 proved to be another busy year. 

As we complete our final preparations to conclude the year, let's take a look at our accomplishments in this more than eventful 2021.


Development and technologies

If we can point to one noticeable aspect that has characterised this year, it has been the transition to the use of precise technologies. While some of the technological changes follow a continuous linear progression, many of the technological innovations we see follow a non-linear path and often take place in the way work planning is approached.

A concrete example of this is that of the 53 projects we worked on this year, Node.js and Django took over on the backend. In particular, while the Express.js or Nest frameworks were used for API development in Node, the Django Rest Framework was used for API development in Python.

The frontend side has also seen changes, the biggest of which is the complete replacement of Vue with React. We have also started to introduce the Next.js framework, which will become part of our frontend technology standard in 2022 along with the Typescript programming language.

In the CSS area we are still mainly using Bootstrap, however we are also considering the more constant introduction of Tailwind CSS.

On the development side, three new mobile apps have been created in React Native, two of which are in the approval phase, while one is already available in online stores.

screenshot iphone app pde

PDE application available in online stores


This year also allowed us to work on the creation of a boilerplate as a start for SaaS applications in Go/Node and React which can already be purchased by clicking here.


Our in-house product StarterSaas

Finally, we have worked on numerous integrations between ecommerce and our customers' applications.

These additions include:

  • Fattura24
  • Fattura in Cloud
  • Klaviyo
  • ShippyPro
  • Qapla
  • Google feed
  • Facebook feed
  • Amazon feed
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Eprice
  • Mailchimp


Products and services

As for our products and services, we focused on consolidating MenuClick24 by creating new services for restaurateurs and acquiring more customers.

At the same time, we focused on publishing two ecommerce stores in Shopify, also integrating with the relevant APIs for loading and unloading stock products and managing orders.

Finally, we launched three new services: ArticolieSocial, ListaNozze24 and Zapier. 

ArticolieSocial is a non-binding monthly subscription of packages that include content creation for managing your social channels and your company blog.
ListaNozze24 is an online wedding list creation service that acts as an intermediary between travel agencies and end customers.

Through the use of Zapier, we wish to offer our customers a complete System Integration and Flow Automation service.


As you can see, this year has been rich in developing new projects and refining existing ones, while continuing to innovate our technological focus.

We are excited to start a new year full of news and thank our customers for all the trust they have placed in our work.

The DevInterface team