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5 technologies we are using now

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Let's see together some technologies that our software house is using more and more often in recent times. Let's focus on Go as a programming language, on React as a library, on Flutter and Vue.js as a framework, and on Spree Commerce as an ecommerce platform.

How and why have they become indispensable technologies for us?


Go is a programming language developed by Google. It allows you to create efficient and reliable software. It is based on functions, so it is a very simple language to use, in which it is easy to spot spelling errors.

Go is perfect for building complex and scalable platforms. Development is fast and the interfaces created are highly maintainable.


React is a Javascript library for developing user interfaces. Web development with React is very fast because it is based on several reusable components.

The elements can be combined with each other and allow you to create particularly complex user interfaces.

React works with a virtual DOM, a Javascript object which is a light and fast representation of the real DOM: this allows the web app to achieve better performance.

React has a huge community of developers. This means that the framework is constantly updated and optimized.

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Flutter is an open source framework from Google for developing native iOS and Android apps.

Its layered architecture allows the creation of flexible and customizable interfaces.

The development of mobile apps is fast, thanks to the great variety of widgets present. The different sets of widgets, which can be created and assembled together, best meet the needs of the iOS and Android operating systems.

The apps created in Flutter are stable and performing and visually cutting-edge. Flutter can be integrated into existing and published mobile apps.


Vue.js is an open source framework for building user interfaces. Being based on Javascript it is very easy to integrate Vue.js into existing applications. The features that make it unique are its lightness and flexibility combined with its high performance.

Vue.js is a modular framework made up of individual units that can be added, changed or deleted without problems. This is why it is great for creating fully customized interfaces.

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is an open source e-commerce platform in Ruby on Rails. It is the optimal solution to create performing e-commerce with large quantities of products. In fact, Spree commerce is easily maintainable and scalable, thanks to an excellent modular architecture.

Being a very flexible platform, you can completely customize the layout and functionalities present, as well as easily add new ones according to your needs.

Spree has order management that allows for an optimal workflow. The product promotion and personalization system is very useful to use. Integration with third-party systems (management, billing apps or other) is fast and simple thanks to the flexibility of its API.

Finally, the very large and active community allows for an always updated e-commerce platform.

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