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Our 2020 tech stack

sviluppatore webvestito da mago

As a web development company we carry out projects that are very different from each other. Mobile app development, the creation of corporate platforms and software, SAAS, e-commerce sites. Depending on the work to be done, we decide which technologies and languages are the most suitable: it is a fundamental initial analysis operation. Here are the ones we are using the most in this 2020.

Ruby on Rails

The open source programming language we have always worked with. Ruby on Rails allows us to create flexible applications that can be easily integrated with third-party systems. We use Rails for both monolithic application development and microservices and API development. It is thanks to its flexibility that we can achieve the best in every project.

Python / Django

Python is also one of the historical languages of our company. With its Django framework we build large web platforms that need stability. Lately we also use it in the development of API in GraphQL.


We have used it a lot in recent years to quickly build lightweight and scalable web apps. We generally favor the Express.js framework for developing REST or GraphQL APIs that need high performance and scalability. Node.js is also great when it comes to creating chats and chatbots.


Programming language created by Google that we are using a lot for API development. The reason is obvious: Go allows us to quickly build complex, scalable and secure platforms. Perfect for every need and portable to any environment.


Vue.js is an open source framework with which we create completely customized interfaces and single page apps. Lightness and flexibility are its watchwords.


React is a Javascript library created by Facebook with which user interfaces can be created. We really appreciate it because the development is very fast being based on reusable components and the code is easy to debug. It's a go-to for building complex single page apps.


With Flutter we develop our native mobile apps on iOS and Android. The different sets of widgets that we have available ensure complete customization of the mobile app and at the same time allow for very rapid processing.

React Native

In addition to Flutter, we also use React Native to build native mobile apps. Given our extensive experience of using React in web applications, moving to mobile was a must.

Spree commerce

Based on Ruby on Rails, the spree commerce platform, thanks to its flexibility, allows us to manage large e-commerce with different products and features. For example, Duzzle furniture e-commerce.

Plinio CMS

Our Content Management System, which allows effective and fast management of websites. Fully customizable according to the customer's needs, with Plinio CMS you have several advanced features for managing and creating content.

Are you interested or do you have projects in one of these languages? Contact us for information or collaboration proposals.