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The DevInterface development process


development process

Agile software development, mobile applications, interface management, web development or proprietary tools: the DevInterface team strives every day to find the right solutions, to apply innovative ideas where they are needed and to always give our customers an edge with its expertise and application of best practices.

Here is what a customer can expect from our development process: 

  • MVP definition
  • Agile development 
  • Customer interaction
  • Launch phase
  • Support
  • Evolution


1. MVP definition

During the first meeting with the customer, we discuss his project with him and analyse it in detail in order to identify which basic functionalities are necessary for the creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and which programming languages are most suitable depending on the type of project. Once a final agreement has been reached with the customer, we move on to the next phase, namely Agile development.


2. Agile development

In this phase we apply the Scrum methodology. The project is divided into phases lasting two to three weeks, the so-called sprints. Each sprint is planned to prioritise and involves daily scrums, i.e. team meetings lasting up to 15 minutes. At the end of each sprint, we carry out a sprint review of the work done up to that point, which allows us to identify any further changes, as well as a retrospective sprint that allows the team to compare and identify changes and features to be implemented during the next sprint.


3. Customer interaction

The interaction phase is closely intertwined with the previous phase and involves the active participation of the customer, who can thus visualise the progress achieved with each sprint.  Unlike the Waterfall model, which involves a sequential succession of phases, the Agile model we apply involves continuous involvement of the customer in order to jointly identify any necessary changes, plan sprints and test them.


4. Launch phase 

Agile development and direct customer interaction phases accompany the entire product development process. Once completed, the product is put into production in a high-performance environment. Advertising and launch campaigns follow. From this stage support and evolution phases take place.

5. Support

Even after development, we are always ready to answer our customers' questions.  

Our development team guarantees comprehensive and integrated support so that your product always works exactly as it should. In particular, we proactively detect any problems and carry out regular updates - for maximum security. In addition, we provide individual IT support and ensure smooth operation of all developed products.

6. Evolution

From the moment a software product is launched, the need may arise for it to evolve further, and this represents the last stage of the development process for us. Depending on the needs that arise, we can either further develop the functionalities already existing in a product or offer the development of completely new functionalities and features.


Do you need support for your IT projects? We offer a full spectrum of development services including initial consultancy, the creation of an MVP and the launch of the final product. Our development process is based on our team's extensive experience in the various development phases. Using our development process to lead your project to success has already been proven in numerous projects. Contact us to tell us about your idea.