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The best business software for accounting

We recently talked about the great rise of mobile apps, especially when it comes to software designed for business.

With this article, instead, we deepen a specific sector, namely that of finance, analyzing which are the best software of the moment.

Managing a business brings with it a number of advantages and challenges. From product creation to financial reporting, there is never a shortage of work to be done. One of the areas of greatest concern is often the financial one. Implementing the right tools is essential for the financial success of your business.

Let's see what are the software designed to make the corporate financial sector more efficient, with particular attention to the accounting ones.

The best known software are Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks.

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Helping as many as 1.4 million businesses with payments and taxation QuickBooks Payroll is the number one payroll provider for SMEs. Notably, access to health benefits, workers' compensation and more are also offered.

Among the wide range of functions we point out the monitoring of income, expenses, the recording of time, products and project profitability, to the automation of estimates, billing and payments. Business owners and service providers can organize their finances, maximize tax deductions, and easily collaborate with others using software that works across multiple platforms and devices.

It is a software solution that can help users be organized, tidy and precise in managing their finances, expenses, payments and taxes. Automation also helps them to save further valuable time.
The software is highly accessible, easy to use and collaborative, with high security features.


Xero is cloud-based software designed for all small and medium-sized businesses. This software has all the tools to save time by helping to manage accounting in the best possible way.

The user sends online invoices to customers and schedules payments, as well as managing a simplified payment process to suppliers. Invoices can be reconciled and expense reports can be created using the mobile applications offered by Xero saving you valuable time.

Xero is a powerful accounting software that is perfect for any user who needs to keep an eye on their business financial data and meets all those business owner needs like reporting, bank reconciliation and billing, as well as having everything you need to efficiently perform an online study.


Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting system designed exclusively for self-employed professionals who do not have the time to learn or relearn accounting, in order to simplify paperwork and allow them to be able to dedicate more time to their work activities.

FreshBooks is an easy-to-use billing and accounting software even for users who are not tech savvy or accounting. A comprehensive set of features, such as online payment acceptance, time tracking, collaboration, automation, projects, estimates, mobile devices, and more, provides users with modern time-saving tools and workflows. promote accuracy and improve efficiency in their daily business.

As a cloud solution, it is highly accessible, yet secure for synchronization and integration with banks, credit card companies, payment centers, and other cloud productivity apps.


QuickBooks is arguably the most popular accounting software used by businesses, although there are other online options like Xero and FreshBooks. They are all good apps, but you need to choose the financial solution that best suits your business needs.

At DevInterface we also develop cloud solutions, making the most of the potential of languages such as Ruby on Rails. The ability to create fully customized software, fast and easy to use even when offering complex services has allowed us to work with Vecchini as well, a success story of which we are particularly proud. In addition to the creation of the website designed from an SEO perspective, we have in fact also created an application that allows the management of company data, such as those of the warehouse and customer records complete with products used and analyzes carried out.

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Whatever software you decide to choose for your business, you should provide basic accounting options such as billing, expense tracking and management of customer or supplier contracts. The software you choose should also come with multi-user access, payroll processing, mobile access, and integrate with other programs like POS software, credit card processing, and Google Apps.

If you are looking for someone able to offer you all these services contact us, we will create a customized product, designed to best meet your needs.



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