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Group of drawn chatbots

Chatbot: innovative tools for companies

Used by companies to interact with users, very often in the very important first phase of communication, Chatbots are software based on artificial intelligence that simulate conversations within websites, e-commerce and social networks.

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web developer dressed as a magician

Our 2020 tech stack

Depending on the work to be done, we decide which technologies and languages are most suitable. Here are the ones we are using the most in this 2020.

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Structomap is back again

Hi everyone.I've updated this library ( created long time ago because it solves a real problem in Go's webservices: to return differen...

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Scrum: planning a Sprint

The rule for planning a Sprint with Scrum effectively is having cristal clear the goals: they will guide the developers to the definition of the possible tasks and the best ways...

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BSC: Learning and growth

Employees are the first customers of a company: the Balanced Scorecard helps you improve their performances thanks to their approval and their continuous training. This is the l...

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